ARENA VR – Welcome to the next level of flow simulation

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ARENA SIMULATION and the virtual reality technology. 

A simple point used to be an important weakness of ARENA Simulation Software: its 3D design. Now this weakness is solved, with ARENA VR.

ARENA offers this new module on an elaborate collaborative mode. Several collaborators can share the model in different place all over the world by thinking together and faster.

The predictive autonomy continues: this new module is completely autonomous, allowing you to automatically switch your classic ARENA model in 3D VR, without any help from outside.

This module was created only for ARENA, so it offers a dedicated objects library and special interactive features for ARENA.


How does it work? 

An exceptional 3D rendering compared to the current ARENA’s 3D leads to an incredible final forecast. Moreover, the transformation phase from a 2D model into a 3D model is definitely easier.
In a predictive flow simulation, virtual reality brings a very powerful immersive projection.

It will allo you to project yourself into an existing environment like an existing production unit or to immerse yourself in a future factory that is still on the plan. It is also easy to scan your existing factory and to insert it into ARENA VR with a 360° camera.

You can modify your plant at your leisure without suffering from the real consequences and to test all kind of configurations.
You can now:
– Simulate gestures, postures and processes;
– Work from pre-design to predictive maintenance;
– Reduce learning & training times;
– Make the link between all the computers tools, especially those of the design office and the factory;
– Viewing at scale one;
– Amazing 3D.


Error time savings.

From commercial phase to operational phase, several time is saved and errors are rapidly identified. It allows collaborative work between design teams for example and users can provide feedback immediately. It saves a lot of time on test phases and validation tests; therefore, to save a lot of money.

– Better understanding of industrial processes for all the stakeholders;
– Improving the ergonomics of posts;
– Effectiveness of tools for sales support and decision-making;
– Modeling facility;
– Savings in time and productivity in an industrial process;
– Increasing profitability.

Avoid all the risks of setting up the new production, the new stock, the new machines or the logistic modification. One can do this virtual set up is moving inside in order to spot errors before the real implementation. It is also possible to interact with items of the model within the virtual reality model.

How to get ARENA VR?

Contact us directly! Our company distributes this module all over the world to all companies and universities equipped with ARENA. We work as an exclusive partner with Rockwell Automation, original software publisher of ARENA Simulation Software. You just need to purchase an Oculus headset and a graphic card, all of this for less than $ 900.

Updates will be free and license of this module, as ARENA’s license, is valid for an undetermined period. Pre-sales are now opened, we offer a discount of 20% for the first 1 000 purchased modules.
The product will be available on September 1st, 2019. You can benefit from this special discount if you order your VR module now.

Manufacturing, simulation, maintenance, training, industrial marketing… Virtual reality can optimize both the design of industrial product, an existing industrial process or an industrial plant.

Welcome to the next level.


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