How can you design your factory in virtual reality with Arena Simulation software?

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Flow simulation, through the Arena Rockwell™ software, makes possible for companies to use a complete tool to structure the industry, from designing the factory to training operators… And there’s more!

Arena Simulation Software™ is used to calculate the dimensions and accurately cost all of a production site’s flow. The simulation can be carried out upstream or downstream:

  • on an existing site, the Arena Simulation™ software can provide solutions to increase production capacity, improve the flow of bottlenecks, test the automation of all of or part of the factory, and assess the impact of a new resource…
  • on a site being designed, the Arena Simulation™ software allows the installation of a factory to be validated, configurations to be tested (in an I, U, in cells) and a scenario to be validated.

The intervention of flow simulation is carried out upstream of the industrial process, especially when it involves modifying the production tool to increase capacity or incorporate a new product for example.


Why do manufacturers appreciate working with the Arena Simulation™ software?

The Arena Rockwell™ flow simulation software is already resolving a number of problems within various industries. Today, it offers two major innovations that are revolutionising the industrial field, but it is already appreciated for two main reasons:

Reason no. 1: Arena Simulation provides real, accurate data

Contrary to classic plans that only take nominal characteristics into account (machine capacities…), the flow simulation software includes real data, constraints and flow such as stock capacities, shipping rates (…), to produce accurate metrics and give a costed reliable vision of flows within the factory.


Reason no. 2: Arena Simulation allows you to visualise the factory

Visualising the factory and its flows allows all stakeholders, from management to the operating team, to support the scenarios to be able to determine the relevance of investments. In some cases like in aeronautics, software like ARENA takes the notion of volume into account to deliver a possible, reliable visual.



With the Arena Simulation™ software, virtual becomes reality

Arena Rockwell™ is one of the most powerful software in the world in terms of data integration, processing and delivery. A major innovation has just increased the software’s possibilities: designing your factory in virtual reality!

Up until now, flow reproductions appeared in the form of 2D or 3D drawings. Production flow simulation in virtual reality is now possible with Arena Simulation™! It allows you to have a real-scale visualisation of the factory to picture the future project in an immersive way. Virtual reality gives all of the company’s bodies the chance to picture the project and test it live. It provides a more accurate vision of production choices possible at all corporate levels.
Real-scale visualisation facilitates representation and therefore decision-making. Not only does this functionality improve the project approach, but in addition it allows data and the visualisation to be transferred world-wide.

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You’d like to create a production entity in Latin America, Asia or Central Europe? All teams world-wide can visualise the project in a realistic way to be able to validate scenarios together remotely.
This collective visualisation shows teams possible hypotheses and authorises feedback upstream of the phase. This feedback can be invaluable to make the project reliable and save time on the design or modification phase. An error in the project can create significant costs, deconstruction is expensive, order delays are expensive and weaken the client relationship, hence the need for a successful project from the initial design.

Arena Simulation Software™ allows you to design your factory in virtual reality, but there’s more!

Designing your factory in virtual reality represents a major advance in industry. But this advance includes other components that allow you to take structuring your company even further.

Integration of the notion of ergonomics in the factory on workstations.

Simulations also allow strain on the human body to be tested according to the chosen configuration and the workstation to be consequently modified. Taking this into account significantly improves the quality of life at work, while determining adapted speeds. This data gets safety and quality of life at work entities, production and management around the table to arbitrate design decisions from the beginning of the project. The ARENA software provides answers to accidentology and gives a predictive vision of the new factory or configuration.

Training operators upstream of the phase without incapacitating production means.

From the design to training: the virtual reality proposed by ARENA means operators can be trained upstream of the phase without incapacitating production means. This functionality can prove to be particularly adapted to some sectors like the nuclear industry for example to avoid production stoppages. Training via virtual reality can also be used to train operators in applying paint for the making of trains for example. The slightest error (too much paint on the windows…) systematically leads to all of the paint being taken off which is very costly. Technical gestures can be worked thanks to virtual reality. As the software is very immersive, thanks notably to real constraints like the weight or pressure of tools being taken into account, the mastery of technical gestures becomes very reliable.


To sum up, the new evolutions of the Arena flow simulation software are revolutionising the world of industry.

Being able to test the design of a new factory (or a new configuration) on a real-scale, to modify it easily and to share the vision with all collaborators around the world becomes possible and offers a company huge possibilities and great agility. The Arena Rockwell™ software and its development by TECHTEAM provides a global solution to structure industry and even beyond, since the tool’s predictive dimension improves quality of life at work and allows operators to be trained upstream of the phase.
The simulation solution puts people back at the heart of the manufacturing sector. Making decisions and managing technological choices come down to them. Thanks to virtual reality and its predictive, real and reliable components, they are the players of industrial choices.
In fact manufacturers can use the software from designing the factory to training operators thanks to a perfectly accomplished flow simulation solution, developed and implemented by TECHTEAM teams.


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